Our Purpose

At Medgate we rethink healthcare to provide our patients with easy access to affordable and high-quality medical care wherever they are.

Medgate has several locations around the world

About us

21 years ago Medgate has been founded in Switzerland, operating Europe’s largest telemedicine center run by doctors. Today we are present internationally and still growing. Currently more than 500 motivated employees, including over 200 doctors, share our goal of improving healthcare.

Focusing on innovative telemedicine solutions and Digital Health we treat our patients along the entire treatment pathway – from prevention and acute medical care to care for the chronically ill and rehabilitation. Thanks to technological innovations we push the boundaries of telemedicine and, in many cases, eliminate them completely.

Our vision

We are a leading digital health company, holding a preeminent position in our core markets. Our goal is to provide all patients with easy access to cost effective and high-quality medical care.

Our mission

We rethink healthcare to create and operate integrated digital health care systems that provide optimum care for our patients along the entire value chain – from prevention to acute medical care and rehabilitation. We harness the power of data, technology, artificial intelligence and value-adding partnerships to ensure the best treatment outcomes and patient convenience while at the same time reducing costs.

Our values


Our services are easily accessible, straightforward and understandable for our patients.


We focus on the wellbeing of our patients and communicating with them as individuals.


We offer optimal, cost-effective and solution-oriented medical treatment.


Our awards & mentions


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CEO of Medgate Andy Fischer
Dr. med. Andy Fischer CEO and Managing Partner Medgate

Management Team

  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner
  • Lorenz Fitzi, Corporate Legal Affairs, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Managing Partner
  • Paul de La Rochefoucauld, Country Management & Expansion, Service Management & Innovation, Managing Partner
  • Cédric Berset, Corporate Communication & Brand Management
  • Dr. Anthony Dyson, Technology
  • Anja Nusser, Corporate Human Resources and Culture
  • Dr. med. Krisztina Schmitz-Grosz, Corporate Medical Affairs & Academy
  • David Feierabend, Executive Backoffice
CFO of Medgate Lorenz Fitzi
Lorenz Fitzi CFO and Managing Partner Medgate

Board of directors

  • Lorenz Fitzi, President
  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Member of the Board
  • André Möri, Member of the Board
  • Antoine Hubert, Member of the Board
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Leu, Member of the Board
  • Prof. Dr. med. Edouard Battegay, Member of the Board